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Rabu, 11 April 2012

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Have you watched the raid? For me the raid is the best action movie from indonesian I have ever watched.  Achievement from the raid is succeed to get rank 11 in the box office.  I’m proud to hear that cause this is the progress of the Indonesian film industry. Honestly,  I rarely watch movies because indonesian film usual horror genre. I include people who are cowards so I never want if my friends request to watch horor film :p. 

The film stars Rama (Iko Uwais) who is a member of the police force led by Jake who has a mission to make the arrest of a criminal kingpin who is based in an old apartment that was never approached by any police before. Leaders villain named Tama (Ray Sahetapy), he led various types of criminals ranging from murderers, robbers, thieves and even. Because the police never visited the building into a hiding place of all the criminals, and the Tama area makes it his business by renting all the rooms in the building.



When the ambush began, police forces began combing every corner of each floor in the building. At the time until on the 6th floor, their arrival diketaui by Tama (the leader). Tama then ordered two subordinates that he believed the Mad Dog (Sam Ruhian) and Andi (Doni Alamsya) to immediately clean up the police force ambushes. Eventually the police force can be surrounded by troops Tama, so it is inevitable shootout, it makes a lot of police forces who were killed.


Shot turned into a battle weapon when Rama and his friend was hurt to find a hiding place. The fight was fantastic at present here, hunusan looks real sharp weapons, duel scene is very interesting to watch that can make us stunned. Rama who has a great ability  kill the criminals who surround them.

When Rama who started can not stand it, he tried to get out of the building in search of reinforcements, on the way Rama confronted five men Tama, violent battles and scenes of intense re-occur. Wounded and exhausted, Rama managed to beat them. Commander of Rama, namely Jake died at the hands Mad Dog in a fierce battle empty-handed. Under conditions that have been very tired, Rama met Andi Tama one's right hand, but unexpectedly turned out to Andi's brother Rama and tries to help his brother out of the place. But unexpectedly andi who tried to save rama is known by Tama via videotape, to make Andi held captive by Mad Dog.

Rama who saw her brother was arrested by Mad Dog tried to help until finally Rama and Andy worked together to defeat the Mad Dog. Mad Dog is a high strength makes Andi and Rama take long to defeat him, finally the light fractions Andi prick sticking to the Mad Dog and can kill  Mad Dog.


Apparently brain of a suicide mission was Letnan who has a personal vendetta with Tama, Tama who was alone in ruanggannya successfully arrested and eventually killed by a lieutenant of revelation. Previous Tama has opened the secret vices of revelation, the revelation was arrested and Rama can get out of that place alive.

Finally, Go ahead Indonesian cinema.


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